Collection: Blondie Apparel

Brodie and Michelle started Blondie Apparel in 2014 when we released our first collection of basic infinity scarves. The idea was to offer interested retailers a fun and unique Canadian made clothing line. More recent collections have grown to include sweaters, shirts, ponchos, dresses and toques.

Michelle studied fashion design at Montreal’s LaSalle College. Shortly after graduating, she started her own line of women’s clothing, selling to a few small retailers in the Ottawa region. She continued her handmade line for another few years in stores and online before collaborating with Brodie and finally merging Vandentillaart Clothing with Blondie Apparel at the end of 2016

Brodie studied small business management in school and comes from a family of entrepreneurs. Growing up in a small business gave her a comfort and a familiarity with independent business ownership that has proven to be very valuable. She opened her first retail clothing store in 2007 and second one in 2012. She now co-owns Blondie and owns doree’s habit in Almonte, ON.

Blondie Apparel