10 Years.

Hello Everyone!

It's a new year and the beginning of our 10th year of shop ownership (yes, you read that correctly - we were a little surprised ourselves)!

We opened Workshop in April 2005 using nothing but our credit cards, a large supply of energy and possibly a bit of over-confidence! Now, looking back, we couldn't be happier with the last decade. We come to work in cute dresses to chat with amazing and engaging people all day. Plus, a huge part of our job is to open boxes of lovely and creative Canadian-made clothing (and we get first pick)!

We wouldn't want to do anything else.

So, we wanted to start the year with a thank you: to YOU. Our wonderfully loyal and incredibly supportive customers. We would not want to do this journey without you.

And without giving too much away, we have big plans to celebrate 10 years! Like everything we do, it's going to be a little nuts-o, and will almost surely involve cute clothes (obviously), a bunch of giveaways (maybe 10?) and possibly some balloon animals.  There will also be much. other. awesomeness. You're going to want to stay tuned. (-;

Here's to what will, with any luck, be another 10 years of good times & great style.

We love you Ottawa!

Bridget & Christina

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