Fashion for all sizes: Our Top Picks for Curvy Ladies!

Fashion for all sizes: Our Top Picks for Curvy Ladies!

All those years ago, we started our shops because we wanted to bring unique, ethical fashion to a world that seemed filled with the bland colours & silhouettes of the previous few decades. 

Over ten years later, we're still working hard to bring exciting & engaging designs to the confident, fashionable women who walk through our doors. 

Today, the average woman in North America wears a size 14 to 16. One look outside and you can see that curvy ladies are some of the most fashionable women in the street. Cause curves are just. damn. gorgeous! And we pride ourselves on being an inclusive, body positive boutique -- we dress some of the most beautiful, bodacious ladies around.

Any of you who've shopped with us know that once you find the style for you, you're set. And with more and more of our designers producing an inclusive range of sizes up to 1X (and some going higher than that), we're sure we can find something you'll feel fantastic wearing. From long, layered and flowing dresses to tunics that hug in all the right places, we've got the piece you've been looking for.

Let us get you in a change room! You won’t be disappointed. Pinky promise.


The Ladies of Workshop & Flock

P.S. If you want to see some of our staff picks for curvy ladies from the comfort of your own home, you can (although keep in mind we have many more options in store)!

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