Spring has Sprung (in our shop at least)!

There is something about the arrival of Spring here in Ottawa that is unique and special. Just the slightest ray of sunshine can draw us all outside, even when the weather is still chilly. That sun gets into our heads and brings thoughts of picnics, swimming, holidays and cute dresses that we can't shake, no matter how mother nature plays tricks on us!

Yesterday, I pumped up my bicycle tires, loaded my kids into the trailer (they named it the Mommy Express...couldn't they have been just a bit more creative?) and took them to the park to play on the structure, still have covered in ice. It was glorious.

So as everything melts and dries up along Dalhousie Street and Wellington West, we invite you to pop by our shops where Spring is in full swing! We've got bold tunics, bright florals and the prettiest pastels.

Follow us on Facebook for all of the latest arrivals ('cause we have to try everything on, right?)! If you love pretty pictures, we're also now on instagram as @workshopandflock.

And when the sun finally shines on Ottawa and the grass gets bright and soft and green, we'll be ready to pull out our new dresses and sit on it. With wine. (-;

Bridget & Christina

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